Reunion 2005
SATURDAY Night, JULY 23, 2005

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Rockin' all night w/"The Fabulons" South Fla's Fav Party Band!

Mustang Sally Choreographer Ruth Minsk-Whitehead '66

All you wanna do is ride around Sally - Ride, Sally
Look out boys, they're coming thru!

Guess you better slow the Mustang down

Struttin' Bev Schauer '67

This Sally caught one!

Don't mess w/the Sallys!

Does this bring out the blue in my eyes? Yup, that's Garry Sexsmith '68, with Linda Moder '66, the Mrs.

Wow, did you just see what I saw!

Rita Jackson '66 & some cool dude w/a very cool wild tie!

ok, you's twos - behave, or we'll have to separate you!

Jerry Donaldson '67, Colleen Pevin '67 w/hubby Baird Rogres '65, & Mystery couple.

Come on everybody clap your hands
Now you're looking good
We're gonna do the twist and it goes like this

The gals are guests, so who are you guys?

Front -- (?), Bill Burkett, Regina Desiato, Black -- Elain.Petrick, Randy Pennington

Mystery classmates

Are you lookin' at me....

2005 Florida Chair-Dancing Champ!
Judith Drum '65, (?), Ginny Crocco '67

OK now, how's that go? patty-cake ....

Top: RGoos, KSabourin,SGulla, (?) 66 RMacak,SJackson,DDiPetrillo, (?) 67
Bottom: MDixon, JDonaldson,JAllison, (?), SBowers (67)

Class of '69

Class of '69