Reunion 2005
SATURDAY Pool Party, JULY 23, 2005

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Hi Dona. Look out Julie, Ken's moochin' your Coke!

Sure, it's 105 deg, but it's a dry heat!

Now, everyone in a circle - time for water aerobics!

One more chorus, "Kenny", "Gotta know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em....

Just another Tequila Sunrise...

He's cool, man. Got his hat on, a cold beverage, but most importantly, his NAME TAG! Don't leave home w/o it!

Great turnout!

Lotsa burgers, dogs & chips (& lettuce)

Groovy DJ tunes,,,, are we having fun yet?

Where's Mr. Pandak?
One more fun night to party!

Eddie Drady & Linda Ratliff '67s 

OK, this is the plan -- you and I form an alliance, vote out those three girls ...

What do you mean happy hour's over!

Aww c'mon girls, just one more chicken fight.

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