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Perry Jr. - 1964 9th Grade Prom Garrett Bowling, Janice Deatrick, Karen Ramputi, Ron Pagano

C Renick '70, T. Zace '70, C. Fletcher '70,  unknown, unknown, S. Nichols '68. 
 M. Petrozzino '69, Front  R. Williams '70, D. Clouse '71 ,  J. Ream '70 (behind Clouse), D. Wamsley '69, 
D. Sparks '69

Janice Deatrick and Bruce VanArsdale, age 13 in March of 1963 at Perry Jr. High.


McArthur Dairies

McArthur's 50th Anniversary!
Frank McAninch '59 South Broward, Harry Schaefer '60, Ginny Myers McAninch '60.
Ginny is the first female to graduate and also the first Salulatorian!

All the yearbooks from the past 50 years  were on display.
Checking them out are: In pink, Patty Peach '67, Mike Petrozzino '69, Dennis Clouse '72, in background, Linda Fisher '68.

50 Years - WOW!
Our teachers at a regular monthly gathering, Spring '06

Roberta Stokes, JoAnn Corder

Gloria?, John Lyzot, Buddy Klimkiewicz

Buddy Klimkiewicz & Kay Rodnesky

Mr. & Mrs. Don Bradley

Coach Klim & Roger Eaton '68

William Gilmartin, Rita Jackson-Spero '66, John Lyzot

Kay Rodnesky, Janet Raymond, William Gilmartin

JoAnn Corder and John Pandak

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Special Tribute to Coach Klim