"What is a Senior"
(Copied from the '65 yearbook) 

To be a Senior is to reach a milestone in your life. 

It is having fun attending Senior parties, planning for the Senior Prom,
and making the most of Senior Week.

It includes the Senior Council meetings, working in class productions and projects,
and proudly wearing Senior pins and class rings.

To be a Senior is to be under constant pressure-pressure from well meaning teachers, parents, counselors, and friends.

It is the final realization that the marks must stay up or the future may go down.

To be a Senior is knowing that everything is the last time -- the "last" football battle, the "last" pep rally, the "last" basketball game.
It is even looking forward to graduation, but sensing that it too is a "last".

It is the most definite "last" of all, the "last" time we will be together as the entire Class of '65..'66..'67..'68..'69
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