VOLUME F  NO.1                  McARTHUR HIGH SCHOOL, HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA                     June 8,1965

"The Peoples Choice"

 Class President - Al Caruana
Class Vice President - Marvin Goldstein
Class Secretary - Joyce Filicia
Class Treasurer -  Harvey Budd

"Fond memories behind us, success before us, God beside us"

That was the week that was......."Senior Week"....remember riding your bikes to school,
wearing your favorite Bermuda shorts, the pool party at Hallandale Park, Imperial Lanes bowling, Gold Coast skating,
and waiting in line at the Florida Theater to see "I'll Take Sweden".

"The Prom" held at the Golden Gate and swaying to the tunes of
Willie Frank and his Orchestra and your own Banu Gibson and Randy Stricklin to entertain you.

Graduation Day at long last!  We walked together for the last time in the
McArthur gymnasium to receive our diplomas!