VOLUME F  NO.1                  McARTHUR HIGH SCHOOL, HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA                     June1969


"The Peoples Choice"

 Class President - Larry Hart
Class Vice President - ?
Class Secretary - ?
Class Treasurer -  ?
Introducing for the first time at McArthur a "Mr. AND Miss"
Miss McArthur - Joyce Lunsford
Mr. McArthur - John Dolan

Some Fun Facts about your '69 Mustangs!
Reprinted (in part) from the 1969 2010 Reunion by Candy Fiscorelli Larsen

Keith Roden is an official Referee.
              Brain Scott works communication for the Miami Hurricane's college football team.
              Wayne Carr has toured playing the piano.
              Johnny Depp lived near Candy Fiscorelli Larsen.
              Ed Moore has met the Dalhi Lama.
              Mike Petrozzino sings at  Disney World in Orlando
              David Watler and Willie Brantley work on film and show productions and have worked on the movie Blood and Wine,
David has worked  with Cameron Diaz  and Matt Dillon on the  movie Something About Mary,
also worked on Revenge of the Nerds 2.    Willie worked on Miami Vice.       
               Larry's last name is Hart, was married on Valentine's Day, and his best friend is Bob Valentine,
who lived with Larry's family when they were in junior high and high school.
              Joyce Lunsford is teaching in Japan.             
              Mr. Aycock's daughter is the Assistant Principal of McArthur High School.
              Cheryl Ramputi taught English to Shawn Aycock  and just retired from teaching school after 37 years.           
              Steve Barbario and Dennis Barbario kept playing music and toured with their band  "The Immortals" for 40 years.
              Bob Valentine went to march in Washington, DC for the restoring honor rally with Glenn Beck.
              Annette Honaker Ross was voted our Party Animal at our 20th Class Reunion.
              Tom Bellamy loves music, music trivia, and likes to DJ; his wife sings.
              Debbie Toscano Koprowski is a lawyer for Legal Aid, helping many of the most needy in our community.
              Will Child and his wife Joy spent their honeymoon at this hotel when it was the Howard Johnson Hollywood Beach - "Happy 2nd Honeymoon!"
               Roseanne Dell's 1st dance with Larry Hart was on Rick Shaw's Dance show on TV.
              Andy Berhman is a pilot.
               Mark Thompson and Marlene Bravo were Sweethearts in high school.
              Pete Torres's Son, Pete Torres Jr. is our DJ.
              Mark Sorrells is a professional musician who played for Lou Rawls,Aretha Franklin,  and The Temptations.
              Ward Stanley who rode his horse at our football games became part of  the City of  Hollywood Swat Team