Name: Kloes-Cuddihy, Linda L.



School Memories:
Who would you like to see again?

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
I wanted to be in a major ballet company and travel.


Spouse or Partner Name:
(Tim Cuddihy) He attended Brandon High on the west coast of Florida.

Military Service:

We have 4 daughters, ages 33 to 19, five grand children and six pets. Retired as VP of Entertainment with Anheuser Busch after 30 years and currently in Real Estate with Coldwell Bankers.
First job was with Pennsylvania Ballet and have traveled to Russia, England,Italy, France, SouthAmerica,Canada,Ireland,Mexico, Carribbean,Austria,Switzerland and all over US.

Our youngest daughter, Kelly graduated from Rollins College in May with a Magna Cum Laude. She is an enviornmental science graduate and she was a varsity swimmer all four years of college. She was just hired as Aquatic Director of the Dr. Phillips YMCA and has her first apartment. We're really proud of all she's accomplished.

Tim and I visited Hollywood to see a friend who was setting a new show for Carnival Cruise lines and I couldn't believe how much the area has changed. I hardly recognized Mc Arthur and West Hollywood Elementary; however it was a wonderful trip back in time to remember old friends and special places.