Name: Ortino III, Don Michael



School Memories:
I have many great memories of the McArthur years, teachers and friends. My first set of wheels was in my sophomore year. It was a new Lambretta scooter that was purchased from Jim Burke's dad's Lambretta scooter sales in Miami. John Bloodworth got one too and we rode all over Dade and Broward county. Before that time I rode to school with good friend Norm Schearer on the back of his Lambretta scooter. One of my first part time jobs was parking cars at Johnny's Steak House with Randy Stricklin who was a blast to work with! I enjoyed hanging out at Henry's, Burger King and Royal Castle. Later when I got a car, on Friday nights we would go to Jerry's Drive-In on US1 in Ft. Lauderdale, pull out the choke and putt putt around a few times, just like you were really fooling someone with that puny six banger!!LOL.. Dania Beach was a blast and when John Marini was there with his Jeep with the balloon tires everyone had fun! I used to cruise around looking for chicks with Marshall Lockhart, Dennis Franz, Danny Mulberger and the night I met my future wife, Jimmy Schatzel, Richard Roper and I were cruising Ft. Lauderdale. We pulled into Chimney Corner at 17th st. and US1 where we met 3 girls from South Broward and the rest is history.

Who would you like to see again?
All of my old friends.

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
Didn't really think about college and was thinking about a trade school. Fortunately I got a job with Southern Bell and was sent to all of the company schools.


Spouse or Partner:
Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
Married Audrey Horn March 22,1965. She graduated in 1964 from South Broward High.

We have two children, Lauri married to Russ, and they have one daughter, Ashley(23). Son Michael married to April have a daughter Naomi (7) and son Michael V age(5). I worked 31 years for Bell South and retired in 1997, the same year I began helping Audrey with her Rubber Stamp/Scrapbook store. In 2006 Audrey sold her business and retired so she could take care of me! LOL...

Nov. 2013