Name: Feise, Robert F.



School Memories:
My best friend in high school was Steve Flick. We both lived in Pembroke Pines and worked at the Grand Way on 441 after school. I lived at the paddle ball courts on Garfield St. I really didn't care much about the teachers we had, they were just a necessary evil. I was looking forward to going away to college. I always had a super crush on Sharon Buckley even though I never let her know. I had a white 58 Chevy convertible that I sure wish I had today.

Who would you like to see again?
Sharon Buckley

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
I wanted to become an architect. That's what I went to the U of M to study, architectural engineering. Now, after working with the Hollywood Police Dept. as a detective until 1987 when I was pensioned out due to an on-duty injury, I am working with AT&T and other carriers. I am a wireless communications engineer. I make sure your cell phones work.

Military Service:
After college I went into the U.S. Navy and served on an Admiral's Staff in the 6th Fleet aboard the U.S.S. Little Rock (CLG-4) I was stationed in Italy for three years tagging after the Admiral.

I am living in Pennsylvania now, around the Philadelphia area. I do a lot of mountain biking up in the Poconos as well as Kayaking there too. I've given up my Corvette and HP Mustang for an SUV. I sure miss the beach, but the mountains are pretty cool. Thanks to my job I've lived in several states up and down the east coast.