School Memories:
I started surfing in high school and it became all encompassing. The guys were JR, Tom,Steve, Ted, Gene, Huck, Elmer, Bill, Greg and a few others. I would like to see them again.

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
I did not have many dreams of what I wanted to be. I went to college to get out of the draft. BCC then U of F.
After graduation I got drafted. Lottery number 10. Failed the physical for poor hearing in one ear.
I moved to Tallahassee and found a job at Echerds Drug Store-manager trainee. Stayed about a year then drove to NYC to find a professional job. After about a month I landed a job but realized I hated the NYC hassle.
I moved back to S. Florida and went to work for General Electric. I spent 4 years with GE and was a branch manager of one of the S Florida offices.
I moved to Atlanta and worked for AON - a large insurance company. They transferred me to Austin, Texas where I was a regional manager and stayed for 4 years. American Bankers hired me away and I became Regional Vice President.
I bought a Ford Dealership in 1984 and was the dealer until I sold the store in 2009.
Since then I have been less active professionally but continue to look for my next chapter.

Dec. 6

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
Carla- she did not attend Mcarthur.

I have two daughters. My oldest just graduated from law school. My youngest is in graduate school at UT and is seeking her MBA. I still live in Texas but bought a home in Flagler Beach, Florida. I made it back. Woohoo.