Name: Clarke Singletary, Linda



School Memories:
What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
Join the Air Force


I live in Hanahan SC, have 3 wonderful daughters,6 grandchildren. I am a Med Tec, and CNA. I do private duty home health care. My dear sweet Jack Russell (15 years old) just passed away Aug. 27, 2008. I don't see a new pet in my future. I love quilting,and caring fo9r the elderly. Germany is my choice of countries to visit. Of course I love travel in the United States. My first job was at Winn Dixie in the Taft Syreet Shopping Center.( long, long ago!)My most fun job was working in my childrens lunch room when they were in elementary school. Life was hard for a while, as I grew older many great changes came my way. Life is good!