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Name: Leverette-Paulson, Cindy Sue

Email: cindysue_67@yahoo.com


School Memories:
I LOVED attending McArthur, for the social aspect I mean lol. I had the best friends that anyone could have had. We hung out in large groups of girls and boys. We went "cruising" up and down the beach road at Hollywood Beach stopping at the paddle ball courts to catch the guys playing. Shopping at Hollywood Mall with a groups of girls, eating at Woolworth's, driving to Royal Castle on Pembroke Road and hanging out on weekend nights if there wasn't anything else going on. Cruising through Jerry's Drivin in Ft. Lauderdale. Dances at the Tiger's Den in Ft. Lauderdale, football games, parties, sleepovers, and of course skipping school sometimes LOL. Trying to get back to school after lunch on time after eating at Lums or anywhere else was hard sometimes too. Academics were second on my list of things to do. :0) My fav subject was PE, thus I took it all 3 yrs. I wanted to be outdoors running around and doing physical activities. I loved the Powder Puff football game we had when we were seniors. The Sun Tattler paper took a photo of me running with the football, and someone running after me and trying to grab one of my flags from around my waist....they didn't get it though!!! I was a good athlete LOL. I have the best memories of my school days.

Who would you like to see again?
All of the folks that I hung around with.

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
I wanted to be a wife, mother, and a school teacher. I AM everyone of them and love doing them all!!!!!

Sept. 17

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)

Gunnar Paulson, he graduated from McArthur in 1965.

We live in Gainesville, Florida. We have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. We all are University of Florida graduates in Education. I am currently a Literacy Coach for 3 schools in our county, it's also called a Reading Coach. I've been a middle school Reading teacher my entire career, until this school year(2008-2009)when I accepted this new position with our county. I now teach teachers reading strategies that they can implement into their curriculum to improve students understanding of that particular subject whether it is Math, Science, History, etc. Gunnar is the President of our Union, Alachua County Education Association. Since 1970 he was a Football Coach, Weightlifting coach, Math teacher and Athletic Director. He is not in the classroom anymore as a Teacher or Coach since he's been our President. He takes care of over 2500 members like a lawyer would, defending our rights and contracts. He's VERY good. He keeps getting voted in by teachers and career service folks since '97. He also received his Doctorate Degree from UF while he was teaching and coaching full time, so now he is Dr. Gunnar Paulson. As you can tell I'm extremely proud of what he has accomplished in his career. He also signed a full football scholarship from McArthur to play at UF in 1965 and he did play all of his years there. Both of our children are teachers, one son-in-law is also a Head Football Coach in North Carolina, and the other son-in-law graduated from UF with an AG Degree in Animal Sciences. He is in business using that knowledge in the food industry as a "high up" manager making more money than me in teaching, go figure!!

Amy is our oldest and she has 4 girls. Melissa is the youngest and she has 2 boys.

Our granddaughters are Taylor Anne age 16, twins Brittany and Brooke age 12, Abby age 10. Our grandsons are Gunnar age 6, and Grant age 4. Little Gunnar and Grant live about 4 miles from us, and the girls live in North Carolina...too far away from us!! We have 2 female Cocker Spaniels that are litter sisters. They are now 7 yrs. and their names are Molly and Sister, but we call her Sissy. They are our baby "fur children" and are the sweetest little girls. I LOVE dogs and will never be without them....Gunnar married me and all of my dogs LOL. He loves them like I do!!! That's about it for us. Hope I didn't bore you too much!! I hope life has been good for you as it has for me. God has truly blessed me in every way possible.