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Name: Thompson, Sherman Emanuel

Email: emanthomp@hotmail.com


School Memories:
I do remember a lot of first coming to McArthur High School from then, all Black Attucks High. The world has changed so much since then and now.
I was just thinking,... "let me check out Google and see if there was such a site as McAuthur High School Class of 1967, Wow!!... that was 40 years ago. God has been very,very good to those of us still here. I know that I did not like English, mainly because when I turned in a paper that sound great to me it came back to me with .."Red" incorrect marks all over it. I wish I had a good Golf instructor then but that was not happening.

Who would you like to see again?
A Class yearbook would help, I do remember some of the last names.

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
I always liked Aircraft

Aug 30

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)

Military Service:
Retired U. S. Air Force (20 Years 6 months)Aircraft Maintenance Technician/ Plans and Schedueling Technician

Kids 6 (3 girls /3 boys)
(Does McArthur currently have a High School Golf Team?)Please reply if you can to me (Sherman)at emanthomp@hotmail.com)Just mention McArthur High Golf info...Thanks)
Occupation ...Currently a major air carrier Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Coaching Golf, Bowling etc.
Thailand, Japan, Okinawa, Australia, Viet Nam, Alaska, North Dakota, Guam U.S.A., Hawaii, Wake Island, Texas, Oklahoma, California,Louisiana,Nevada, Arizona...well, most of my travels have been military and working related but it was all great to go places
unusual/not really funny job....
My Parents were from the Bahamas(both died), I was born in Miami, Florida at Jackson Memorial, now The U of Miami Medical Center and we moved to Hollywood Florida. I attended Carver Ranches Elem. School, Lanier Jr. High, Attucks High and we were later transferred to McArthur High. After graduating I did work for the City Of Hollywood as a City Mail Clerk at the Hollywood city office circle, (I don't know where it's located now if it was moved)
Here is my most unusual experience situation, I entered the U.S. Air Force and I never saw Snow upon graduation from the Air Force Jet over-two Technology training School we were given our first duty station assignments and they call each of our names and when they called my name ...and said Grand Forks, North Dakota...I was like "where is that"? I had to report in January and I found out about Snow, working in the Snow, exposure time in the Snow, frost-bite...etc I really learned from that point on about how to deal with anything that could happen in your life once you commit yourself to any cause, defending our country or life in general.
Excuse my typo errors.
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