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Name: Thornton, Minnie

Email: minniesavon@bellsouth.net

Website: http://mthornton.avonrepresentative.com/

School Memories:
For one year ( 1965) I was the only African-American in McArthur High ( before Intergradtion). I was in the Chorus, Drill Corp and Thespian club. I have fond memories of how the Football Team, Band, Cheerleaders and Drill corp stood up for me at "State" in Jacksonville when I was not allowed to stay in the same motel in 1965.

Who would you like to see again?
The twins- Jean & Joan Brown


Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
Been married a few times and none attend Mcarthur. Now am single again but not dating.