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Name: Douberley, Robert

Email: robpop49@msn.com


School Memories:
Marching band. Yearbook staff.Mr Rankamp 2 years.
Getting detention for parking in teachers parking lot.
Got punched in nose at South Broward football game. I took a girl from South Broward to the game and her boy friend saw us.

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
Diane Weatherington,1974 Grad of Vero Beach.

Military Service:
Draft number 244. never called up. Thanks to those who served our country.

Washington State,1968-1972
Vero Beach 72-78
Virgina Beach 78-81
Hollywood 81-92
Apopka Fl 92-?
25 years and 7 days US POSTAL Service(Retired)
6 children. our youngest is 9. 15 grandchildren.
Manager of McDonalds 1968 Hollywood Blvd. Left Nov 1968. Alex Murawski the owner offerd to help me get a franchise Mcdonalds at the corner of stirling and US 1. I turned it down. He fired me on the spot. I told him I was going to Washington.
Famlies are Forever!