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Name: Smith-O'Day, Susan D.

Email: susyoday@bellsouth.net


School Memories:
I will always remember having Mrs. English first hour for Senior English and third hour for Humanities. Her classes were engaging and challenging, but Karen Hess and I rode to school together and rarely made it to first hour. We attributed that to severe senioritis. I would show up to Humanities third hour and Mrs. English would give me one of those condescending glances. Frank Dodson and I were partnered for a class project on the levels of hell in Dante's Inferno. Minos was a monster in the second level of hell that sent the damned to the appropriate level of hell. Mrs. Link's likeness seemed appropriate as a depiction of Minos on the collage we created. Mrs. English hardly balked at it but never displayed it in the classroom. I contacted Mrs. English shortly before the last reunion we had and invited her. She was gracious, as always, but declined due to poor health. She died a week later. I will always miss her.

Those of us who attended Driftwood began hanging out at Sonny's early on. The pizza and steak hoagies were divine. I am truly thankful for all the years I pigged out without spreading out...those days are gone forever.

My prom date was Dave Mendelson. My original prom date broke the date with me 2 weeks prior to prom. Dave had gotten expelled from the Dade County school system for hitting a dean who insulted his mother. He heard I had no date, so he asked me to go (since there were no other girls unattached). It turned out to be a lovely night and I had a great time.

Intra-mural sports occupied a great deal of my time. I had felt cheated with the lack of female competitive sports, but the intramural program at McArthur filled that void for me and offered a solution for my hyperactivity.

I also enjoyed being a Puerto Rican in our production of West Side Story and loved singing in the chorus.

My first car was the MIGHTY Morris Minor that had no first gear or reverse. The focal point of the car was a bazaar looking toilet that sat on the platform in the rear of the car. It evoked many interesting conversations.

Lunch hour became a senior year launching pad for cutting the remainder of the day. Ah, the downside of living in the Sunshine State with the alluring beaches and SPRING BREAK!

Who would you like to see again?
Ellen Hajek, Marshall Belville, Angie Johnson, Cheryl Gunter, Marcia Erbivelli, Estelle Horowitz, Pam Worrell

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
Traveling, teaching and technology...although there was not a real plan for accomplishing these goals, somehow the subconcious kicked in and I have dabbled in all of the above. I dropped out of college to become a stewardess in 1968. ...back to school 2 years later and then married! My career in education began at Driftwood Middle School in 1973. The principal who hired me, Ken Black, was a teacher there when I attended Driftwood. When my second child was born I became a stay-at-home mom for 7 years. I bought my first computer in 1983 and fell in love. Then it was back to the school system as a Technology Specialist. After 22 years I became a College Counselor at Fort Lauderdale High. I'll be there until I qualify for medicare.


Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
Tom O'Day, a Fort Lauderdale High graduate.

Military Service:

BIO: My son Brandon is married to Noelle and they have 4 children, Ariel,Thomas, Jack & Rosie. My daughter, Chelsea, is married to George and they have a daughter named Susy. I love dancing with my husband, gardening, graphic design, reading, sudoku puzzles and good movies.