Name: Lytle-Walters, Alyce



School Memories:
Great friendships which have lasted through the years. Having a Mom that gave me good morals and losing her during 11th grade it was then that my friends became my family. Thanks Phyllis, Debbie, Brenda, Debbie, Karen, and Frenchie for remaining loyal and for our forever friendship. It was with you that Hollywood Beach, Hollywood Mall, The Skating Rink, and Cloverleaf on a Saturday night was fun and so special. Saturday morning spent at the beach and burning so we glowed at the sock hop at the skating rink and cloverleaf was lots of fun. Using my moms car a 64 1/2 Mustang and getting lost(with my friends) from Hollywood to Miami was so fun. Going to the beach and watching Gail Jeffrey, oh and the boys, surf was fun. In Junior High my brother Robert was the DJ for a Father/ Daughter dance at Perry oh and my date.. the girls all swooned over him and wanted to know who he was...Robert I will always be thankful for that..he is no longer with us but his memory still lives in my heart. Robert's friends coming over was always fun..Curtis and Bob Fedowitz also I think Baird Rogers...- Bob F thanks for the dance at the reunion 2x ago.

Who would you like to see again?
Bernadette Binger

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
Being a mom and I believe a Special Needs Teacher..I did not get a teaching certificate or go to school for it but have taught my children many valuable life lessons. I feel satisfied knowing this.

Jan 10

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
I am married to Bob Walters he graduated from Ashland, Ohio in 1967 and we are best friends and love the Lord.

Military Service:
I was not in the service but thank all of you that were. Viet Nam comes to mind and that was not a vacation for you in sunny Southeast Asia. I will always respect you for representing a country that was so divided about that war.

We moved to Ocala, Fl 6 yrs ago as a job transfer with Cingular. My first job was on the salad line at Morrisons cafeteria in the Hollywood Mall which lasted about 1/2 a week. From there I worked at Holiday Inn nights in N. Miami Beach as a switchboard operator-which took me to Southern Bell, Bellsouth Mobility and Cingular...I retired 3 yrs ago and enjoy gardening, cooking with my husband, we do a little travel to see any of our 5 kids or 6 granchildren. We are a family oriented family and when we are home we fellowship in Gainesville many of those students from UF go to our church and think Bob and I are their Ocala Mom and Dad. Several times a year they come here for dinner. Life is good and God has always been here for me. He never gives us more than we can handle and look ahead not back. Sweet memories are great and to all of you thanks for the memories.