Name: Moore, Ed



School Memories:
Wasn't real focused on school then;more on working at WD289, paying for my car and motorcycle, hanging at beach. This is why I only went 2 periods senior year. Had many crushes, a few girlfriends and lots of good friends, many of whom, I still see.

Who would you like to see again?
Lots of folks.

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?
Did not do much dreaming was too busy and too hard to dream.

August 31

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
Katleen, loving spouse of 33 years..she is very patient.

Four kids; Casey 26(recent graduate from Columbia Law School, lives in NYC, passed NY bar and got married in August, Allison 21 (goes to FSU and working towards going to med school next year)Ashley 21 (goes to FSU and working towards graduate school and becoming an English teacher)and Brady 18 (started at FSU this fall and will stay if he does not get signed for the next Peter Jackson film or Bruce Willis film, he has auditioned for each among others stuff)