Name: Buono-Freeman, Wendy



School Memories:
I remember hanging out at the beach, on Johnson Street. There was a grill/bar I can't remember the name of it??? Oh well, that and Royal Castle was the greatest for me!! So much for school:):) but I married Gary very young and we moved on to Adult hood:):) What did we know??? Take care guys. God Bless all of you!

Who would you like to see again?

What did you dream of doing when you grew-up?

October 22

Spouse or Partner Name: (Did they attend McArthur and what class year?)
I married Gary Strachan(66) @ the age of seventeen/divorced @ 23 yrs old. I married Roger Freeman(he did not attend McArthur). We have been married for 33 yrs:):)

Gary Strachan and I have two children. Tami 37 yrs old and Gary Strachan II is 35 yrs old. I have two grandchildren. Alex 17 yrs old and Tylor 14 yrs old. I have four dogs, one cat, two birds. My first car was Gary's 1958 MG convertible. Jobs, I got fired at the Loveable Bra factory in 1969!! I guess I just did not get it! Well, now I have been a nurse for about 25 yrs. Their loss:):):)